Miss-Taken Identities: An Anthology of Feminization Fantasies

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Miss-Taken Identities: An Anthology of Feminization Fantasies


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From the authors of the Lipstick for Her Leather and Futa Explosion anthologies comes an all-new collection of Feminization Fantasies.

For fans of gender swaps and transformations, Kylie Gable & Claudia Acosta offer a deliciously creepy tale about hitchhiking and urban legends; Sally Bend weaves a cautionary story of secrets, conspiracies, and being careful what you wish for; while Reed James has some fun with a witch who is determined to turn her boyfriend (and herself) into the perfect lovers.

If your feminization tastes run more towards more traditional crossdressing and sissification, Mindi Harris offers up a story of twin siblings, bikini shopping, and bet that very quickly gets out of hand; Kella Z. Driel invites us to apply for a job at a firm with a very strict workplace feminiz