No Harm, No Howl

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No Harm, No Howl


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A vampire walks into a werewolf bar. It’s either the beginning of a bad joke, or the start of a night Mina Rossi will never forget.

She’s not looking for love, just a hard drink, a little conversation, and a good time. Ten minutes at the hole-in-the-wall joint at the edge of the bayou, she’s certain she’s not going to find any of those things. That is until she catches the eye of a mysterious stranger with piercing eyes and a cocky grin.

From the moment the pretty vamp walked through the door in her knee-high boots, Damien Fox knew he had to have her. One night or one hour. Whatever she’ll give him, he’ll take it and make the most of it. He should have known better.

In a bar called Church, nothing is as it seems, and the night is about to get a lot more interesting.