BEASTLY WILD: A Beasts of Prey Short

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BEASTLY WILD: A Beasts of Prey Short


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I haven’t seen Lara in nearly fifteen years.

Not since high school. Not since she discovered what a deviant I am, shamed me, and left me with my self-loathing.

But I’m a different man. Prison has changed me, taught me to control myself, taught me to reckon with my dark desires. I don’t want to hate her anymore…but I don’t want to need her, either.


I’ve never quite forgiven myself for what I did to Eric. But when I show up at his gym for self-defense lessons and just a teeny ulterior motive to apologize, I’m not expecting that the skinny, awkward boy I humiliated has turned into the tattooed, dangerous behemoth before me.

He’s gorgeous. He’s unreachable. He’s careful. He’s wary.

And his touch is everything I need.