Pretty Boy

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Adulthood is not my favorite thing. And buying a house was maybe a bad idea. Just because I'm crossing things off my adulting to-do list, it doesn't actually mean I know what I'm doing.

My new hotter-than-anyone-deserves-to-be neighbor is definitely an adult. An adult with a tight ass and a square jaw and massive forearms, who takes home ownership very seriously. I might be a little obsessed with him. And his forearms.

Too bad that if anyone on the planet is vanilla, it’s reliable, responsible Erik Jenko who washes his car every Sunday and offers to mow my lawn.

At least that’s what I thought until I got his mail...

Pretty Boy features adulting gone wrong, an Army brat in lingerie, kink exploration, dirty talk, and as much spanking as Misha Horne can fit into 40,000 words!