The Sky Drifter

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The Sky Drifter


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A dark secret lurks aboard the Sky Drifter…

Seven is a popular student, gifted in strategy and the brutal sport of Sphere. Wandering the vastness of space, his home is the Sky Drifter: an academy for the best students in the universe. With his friends, Iris and Pi, Seven takes on rivals and visits planets for exploration and competition. 

Everything is the way Seven likes it, until he sees a mysterious girl who reveals a secret that brings everything he thought he knew crashing down around him. A secret that will rip him from his reality into a dark new world.

Will Seven be able to escape the Sky Drifter before it’s too late?

The Sky Drifter is the first book in the Paris Singer sci-fi fantasy series that features intergalactic action, surprising plot twists and compelling characters