Screens Apart Part One

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Screens Apart Part One


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Simon has a secret - a soft, lace secret that he shares anonymously online.

He also has two problems: he’s crushing on both his charming, sexy roommate, Taylor, and on his charismatic online admirer, Mr Smith.

When a revealing conversation leads to Taylor suggesting they start hooking up, Simon is more than happy to agree, even if it means putting a lid on his feelings. Because no-strings sex with your crush is better than nothing at all, right?

Except Simon’s not so sure he can keep his feelings quiet. Especially when he realises he’s falling more and more in love with Taylor. And Mr Smith’s being no help either, because he’s in the same situation with his roommate.

But Taylor and Smith can’t be the same man… can they?

Please Note: This is PART ONE in a new monthly serial.