Laguna: A Sawyer's Ferry Short

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Laguna: A Sawyer's Ferry Short


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The moment I laid eyes on the guy napping on my private beach, I wanted him. Bad. But living life in the spotlight means nothing is ever that simple. When Brody doesn’t recognize me, it seems like the perfect opportunity to let loose and have a little fun. Besides, what harm can come from a hookup with a clear expiry date?

A week’s vacation in Laguna Beach, California, is a dream come true for a guy like me. Born and bred in Sawyer’s Ferry, Alaska, I have more experience with snow than sand. But halfway through my holiday, I’m thinking I should have just stayed home until a day at the beach brings an unexpected—and intense—turn of events.
It might have started out as a disappointing trip, but it could end up being the best vacation I’ve ever had.