The Seeker - Finna's Revenge SR

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The Seeker - Finna's Revenge SR


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While Leeth is working to keep Finna’s focus on the complexity of her thousand-year mission to save the Earth from destruction, she could think of no other task than finding her father, the former Templar Knight, Mangus Magnusson whose redemption and rescue is only possible after she discovers who kidnapped him from their farm in Vézelay, France while she was away fighting with Eleanor of Aquitaine, as part of her women’s Crusade.
Finna only knows her father has been taken. Her list of enemies spans the galaxy from Earth’s Catholic Church to the distant planet of Silva and its evil ruler Vald. Frustrated and furious by the Time Overlord’s denial of her petitions to initiate time travel or to Enter Earth, Finna decides to follow her heart and her own rules, vowing to rescue and redeem him.