Alien Mating Frenzy: Serials 1-5

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Alien Mating Frenzy: Serials 1-5


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Syri Moro wants nothing more than to leave The Garden of Virtue and join her mate Rayden Oshier in their new life joined together. But when at last he calls for her, she discovers nothing is as it seems. Instead of entering her mating frenzy and being locked away in the arms of the man she loves, she finds herself thrown into a dangerous and confusing new world.

Rayden has gone to the little blue planet and vanished. If she cannot find him in time, she may be forced to mate another male, losing the person she loves forever. So, she alone must follow his course to the strange planet, hoping against all odds that she discovers him alive and before it’s too late.

But even if she discovers him, Syri and Rayden will need to be prepared for the fight of their lives if they hope to claim their