A Stormy Conception

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A Stormy Conception


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Shauna Roberts is at a place in her life where she needs more. She has a deep yearning for a child and prays that God will bless her with the gift of a life, but with the end to her marriage, she isn’t sure that will be a possibility now.
On a dark, stormy night, Brandon James comes into her life, a man who is mysterious and sends her emotions out of control.
Brandon isn’t prepared for Shauna. He is a man of control, organised, everything planned ahead of time, and Shauna is a very pleasant distraction—nothing else. He has no time or inclination for a woman in his life, and as long as Shauna accepts that, there will be no problem. So why can’t he stop thinking of her? Why does it feel as if his disciplined, orderly lifestyle is about to become undone, never to be the same again?