Wild Hope

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Wild Hope


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Concealed and tucked away from surrounding world, on the mystical island of Moira, Kato has only known a life of listless existence. As an outcast, he is forbidden to take on a job in the tribe. Doomed to waste away, his days are spent slaughtering beasts to protect others.

When Outsiders land on the island, an opportunity arises. The tribe’s shamaness takes a valuable hostage in exchange for peace and hoists her onto Kato for safekeeping. Kato’s hostage is determined to have her voice heard, even if she must whisper. She makes it clear that she not a hostage—but a warning: the Outsiders are not peaceful. They plan to rip apart the island for resources until nothing remains. She swears she can help Kato stop her people, but there is only one stipulation: he must tell her their secrets.